Wherein I Play Golf with Tiger Woods

A couple of days ago EA Sports released Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09. This would not ordinarily be a major event in my world, except that Tiger Woods did a press tour to promote it. Again: not usually a major event for me. Ordinarily I would let Time’s sports guy, Sean Gregory, handle this — it sort of falls midway between our two …

The Quantum of Racist

It’s common knowledge that Ian Fleming’s James Bond spy thrillers were hardly politically correct. They were packed with outdated, but probably deeply-felt, sexism, racism, and, yes, even homophobia. (Not to mention the relentlessly kick-ass sadism.) Those who haven’t opened the books in a while may assume that Fleming’s …

Neal Stephenson Speaks! About Anathem. And Other Stuff

Here’s a video snippet of Neal Stephenson talking about his new book Anathem. It’s a Nerd World exclusive! He talks a bit about how this book relates to his other works (not at all, is the basic answer, except on a philosophical level, which I guess means no Enoch Root cameos), and its connection to the Long Now Foundation’s Millennium

No More Yoda Jokes Rant

The consensus seems to be that Star Wars: The Clone Wars is very, very bad. (How could any movie with the word “Wars” twice in the title be good?) Many of our leading critics and random internet nobodies are even saying that Clone Wars is so terrible that it should mark the end of the entire Star Wars franchise. The coffin-nailing …

Venture Brothers Break: The Lightning Cannon Sucks!

If I could blog about the Venture Brothers every day, I would. But I can’t. Apparently you’re supposed to blog about different stuff every day. Whatever. I didn’t blog about TVB yesterday, so I’m all clear.

Plus if I post these, then the last 20 minutes I spent watching Venture Brothers clips magically becomes

Will Wright Says a Cool Thing

G4 is running what I assume is a series of spots called the Will Wright Minute, in which Will Wright says some random cool thing. Obviously this is, deep in its black withered heart, a promo for Spore. But what he says is pretty cool:

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