18 Android Apps To Get You Started

The Android Market pales in comparison to Apple’s App Store based on number of apps, but that doesn’t mean the quality of apps available to Android users aren’t up to snuff. We’ve listed 12 18 apps that cover a wide range of interests and genres but is not indicative of the Android Market as a whole. Think of this as a starting …

Nexus One Review: The Hardware Isn’t The Problem, Android Is

It’s never an easy task to review a device that you’ve had for less than two or three or even four weeks. The rush of trying to be beat other outlets constantly hangs over your shoulder. Do you rush to get a review out and subject yourself to the criticism that comes with having left off the most critical or asinine factoid possible? …

Google Earth Android Demo

Here’s a short video I took of Google’s Google Earth Android app from yesterday’s Nexus One press conference. Check out our hands-on here, specs here and if you missed the live blog then you can find that here.

Android Comes To AT&T

Wow. This just in from CES:

AT&T just announced its very first Android phone, as well as its plan for five new phones, a massive upgrade of its 3G network, and a plan to offer mobile apps to non-smartphone users.

AT&T is the last of the major wireless companies to offer a phone operating with the Android OS. The first will likely …

The Nexus One Cheat Sheet

All the specs you need to know about the new Google phone:

$529 for the phone without a provider/contract
$179 for the phone with T-Mobile contract
Verizon service coming in Spring 2010
Vodaphone service coming to Europe in Spring 2010

Height: 119 mm
Width: 59.8 mm
Depth: 11.5 mm
Weight: 130 grams w/ battery, …

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