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What Are Nintendo 3DS Buyers Saying?

After a year of promises, media events, and touring demos, the no-glasses 3D eagle has landed. The Nintendo 3DS finally debuted in the U.S. yesterday to tales of long lines, brisk sales, and roaring launch parties.

Nintendo passed around oldie blue and red cellophane 3D glasses at an official midnight launch event in Manhattan outside …

Nintendo 3DS First Impressions: Great Potential, Partially Realized

Avatar‘s record-setting success aside, few entertainment trends have attracted more skepticism than 3D. When it comes to movies, even the best instances of stereoscopic filmmaking earn only begrudging respect. And the worst examples stand out for what they are: trend-driven examples of movie studios and cineplex companies trying to cash …

TechFast: Microsoft Sues Everybody, Nintendo 3DS Reviews

Good morning. Here’s what’s been breaking in tech news while you’ve been sleeping and enjoying your breakfast.

Microsoft sues just about everybody

The lawyers will be opening another crate of champagne today, as Microsoft announces lawsuits against Barnes & Noble, Foxconn and Inventec for patent infringement. What patents, exactly?

AT&T Teases First ‘Glasses-Free’ Phone Ahead of Nintendo 3DS Launch

It’s a handheld, it plays games, it delivers no-glasses 3D, and–surprise–it’s not from Nintendo. Meet LG’s Thrill 4G, just announced by AT&T, and promoted as “the first U.S. smartphone to deliver a glasses-free 3D experience.”

Glasses-free means it’ll employ some form of stereoscopic 3D, sending separate images to each of your eyes …

Hands-On: The Best Game on the Nintendo 3DS May Surprise You

When Nintendo recently announced details on the American launch of the 3DS, they let folks play samples of the upcoming system’s titles. I had a chance to try out a number of games and came away with impressions on both the games and the 3DS itself.

Working on the assumption that the 3DS models on hand were near-final production …

Nintendo 3DS Launching on March 27th for $250

This morning, Nintendo of America revealed details about their hotly-anticipated 3D-enabled handheld game system. The press event in downtown Manhattan started off with a Nintendo-centric history of how the company’s created innovative shifts in the medium: Super Mario 64, Nintendo DS and Wii. From there, NOA president Reggie Fils-Aime …

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