Number of the Day: 56

According to a new Cisco study, 56% of college students and recent college graduates would refuse to work for a company that banned social media like Facebook and Twitter, demonstrating their awareness of just how important YouTube links and pithy updates from your favorite Adult Swim-friendly comedians are to actually getting through …

‘Blether’ Brings Private, Instant Group Chatting to Twitter

If you’ve ever engaged in a bit of back-and-forth with another Twitter user and you realized you needed to take the conversation off of everyone else’s timeline, you may have had to resort to multiple direct messages, e-mail, Skype, or any number of alternative communication methods. Even the dreaded “telephone” you’ve seen in the …

New Gmail Accidentally Revealed in Video

It looks like Gmail is getting a makeover. The brand-new version of Google’s popular, free email service features plenty of user-friendly upgrades: a cleaner design, improved search functions, high-resolution themes and more.

All of this was revealed in a new video that wasn’t meant to be seen yet. Google produced a slick presentation …

MC Hammer Launches ‘WireDoo’ Search Engine for Some Reason

Please Hammer, don’t hurt ’em. Those competing search engines know that your new search engine, WireDoo, is too legit to quit. Stop. Hammer time moves much faster than standard technology product development time.

Don’t stop, actually. After all, they put you in the mix. Now everyone keeps saying, “Here comes the Hammer!” This is the

Apple’s iCloud Launch Off to Rocky Start for Some

Happy iCloud day, or day after, or maybe still day-to-come for those of you having trouble getting the darned thing to work. Apple’s iCloud technically launched alongside iOS 5 yesterday afternoon, but some of you seem to be having a heck of a time unlocking the silver lining.

What kind of major Apple update transpires without a few

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