TechFast: Morning Readables

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WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Arrested in London []

Julian Assange has turned himself in to authorities in London, but it has nothing to do with WikiLeaks. It also has nothing to do with the ticket he got for parking his van in a tow zone outside the Phish concert when they played Wembley Stadium back in 1992 (assuming that happened).

Google’s Andy Rubin Gives a Flash of Tablet Future [All Things D]

In its current incarnation, the Android operating system used on Google-centric cell phones isn’t suited for use on tablets. Google’s Andy Rubin showed off the version of Android—named Honeycomb—that the company’s readying for release sometime next year.

Foxconn to ship iPad 2 by the end of February 2011 [DigiTimes]

Like just about all Apple news that doesn’t come directly from Apple, these latest rumors of the iPad 2 coming in February cite unnamed sources. The timing would be somewhat on target for an annual refresh, though.

Introducing Apache Wave [Google Wave Developer Blog]

Google Wave becomes Apache Wave. What does it all mean? Wave has been open-sourced and will live on as a community project as long as people want to keep using it and improving upon it.

Amazon to demo Kindle for the Web on Tuesday [Computerworld]

Hot on the heels of Google’s eBookstore announcement, Amazon is apparently getting ready to show off its own version of web-based e-reading software based on its Kindle platform.

A Priority Inbox update: time savings, new features, and your feedback [The Official Gmail Blog]

Gmail has slightly updated its Priority Inbox feature to include feedback about why certain messages are marked as important, along with speed improvements to manual categorization of messages. If you don’t use Priority Inbox, you’re probably mad you just wasted time reading all that, huh?

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