“Uncharted 3” Directors on Why They Set the Game in the Desert

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A new video on the Playstation blog reveals a little more insight into why the Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception team decided to take their protagonist to the desert. Game Director Justin Richmond doesn’t remember who suggested that they should set the next chapter in the game series in the sand, but said the whole team liked the idea of placing the story in the desert.

“We don’t want to be bored so we want to push ourselves,” he said in the video interview. “We knew we were biting off a lot when we decided to do the desert. I think we realized, ‘Okay, we can push our tech in an interesting new way where we haven’t done before,’ and then on top of that, just looking at the last game, [see] where [we] could have improved.”

“We always try to make the environment seem like a character in themselves, and now because we’re globetrotting more, the idea is the specific locations take on that sort of persona. The idea is that sort of adversarial nature of that genre,” added creative director Amy Hennig.

The previous Uncharted 2 received high accolades and top reviews, but they are hoping that Uncharted 3 can become the top multiplayer game on the PS3, in addition to a cinematic experience for the player who wants to pursue the solo mission route.

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