Gaming Tip Sheet: “NBA 2K11”

We’re not quite in the NBA postseason yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start playing out how 2011 will end with NBA 2K11. We talked to the development team for the game who gave us some tips – optimized for PS3 – to help you be a baller on the court. To see other the other Gaming Tip Sheets, click here.

Being Defensive

Defensive …

Hands-On: The Best Game on the Nintendo 3DS May Surprise You

When Nintendo recently announced details on the American launch of the 3DS, they let folks play samples of the upcoming system’s titles. I had a chance to try out a number of games and came away with impressions on both the games and the 3DS itself.

Working on the assumption that the 3DS models on hand were near-final production …

Store Letting People Trade Kindles For Physical Books

Do you:

– Still like the feeling of grainy paper brushing against your finger tips?

– Miss the days when you could dog ear a page instead of a device annoying automatically starting up where you left off?

– Actually like books taking up space in your house or apartment?

If you said yes to any of these questions – and own a …

Let There Be Plasma Cutters: Dead Space for iOS Review

Dead Space for iOS
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: IronMonkey Studios
Systems it’s available on: iPhone, iPad
System reviewed on: iPhone 3GS

Whoever is out there saying that iPhone and iPad games will never be as good needs to download Dead Space for iOS. Not only does it show off the graphics, sound and touch screen …

The Three Songs You Need to Download This Week

There’s a lot of music online–more than most people have time to keep up with. That’s why you’ve got us. Every week, we’ll point you toward three excellent new downloads or videos from chart-topping stars, cult favorites and unknown geniuses.

1. Apparently the “playing the entire new album live as a webcast” thing is catching on:

Google Continues Buying Spree, Purchases SayNow

Another day, another story about Google buying a small start-up. This time, it’s SayNow, a five-year-old company that offers online voice calling that can be integrated into social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, as well as mobile devices using iOS or Android.

As with yesterday’s purchase of fflick, it’s unknown whether Google …

A New Use For Bacteria? Encrypt it With Data

Think your USB drive is small? Well here’s some news. A team of students at Hong Kong’s Chinese University may have discovered a way to encrypt large chunks of computer data into a strain of microscopic E. coli bacteria, with one gram capable of holding as much information as 450 individual 2TB hard drives. That’s shelves upon shelves of …

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