Apple’s Going to Announce What?!: Roundup of the Latest Rumors

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iPad 2 Announcement March 2?

– All signs seem to point to yes on an impending iPad 2 announcement. Here’s the official invite for the March 2 event. Notice the focus on the number 2. [via WSJ]

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– The iPad 2 is supposed to be thinner than the original iPad and have an improved display. It will have a front-facing camera and will support Facetime video chat. [via All Things Digital]

– It can reportedly run on GSM and CDMA networks thanks to Qualcomm’s multimode chips. [via All Things Digital]

– It would seem Bloomberg was wrong when it said the iPad 2 was delayed until June because of “production bottlenecks.” However, we think it’s still important to point out. Remember when everyone thought Apple was announcing cloud-based iTunes and it was just the Beatles? [via Businessweek]

iPhone 5 pushed back to September?

– Although we typically see a new iPhone every June or July, some rumors indicate that we may have to wait. Suppliers and vendors apparently still haven’t received firm orders for parts, and it would also give Apple time to work on the rumored instant communications features on the phone. [via Business Insider]

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– Of course, there are also the iPhone Nano rumors. Apple may be developing a smaller iPhone that would be either two-thirds or half the size of the regular iPhone, depending whom you ask. It may even feature direct-to-phone cloud streaming services instead of built-in storage! [via Bloomberg and WSJ] But wait; it could just be cheaper, not smaller. [via NY Times]

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