Apple’s Going to Announce What?!: Roundup of the Latest Rumors

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If you’ve been trying to keep track of the latest Apple rumor announcements, you’re probably lost in all the delayed iPhone 5 news, miniature MacBook Pros that may or may not be launched and Light Peak ports that work at warp speed. To make things easier, Techland is going to break down what’s been overheard for you to make it easier to digest:

New MacBook Pros?

– Apple could be unveiling their new line of MacBook Pros tomorrow to coincide with Steve Job’s birthday. If all goes to plan, the computers should be available in two weeks, and shipments should start shortly. [via BGR]

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– The computers will reportedly be half a pound lighter than their older counterparts. To further break it down, 4 pounds for the 13-inch model, 5.1 pounds for the 15-inch model, and 5.8 pounds for the 17-inch model. [via BGR and MacGeneration]

– You can apparently expect better battery life on all computers: 12 hours for the 13-inch model’, 10 hours for the 15-inch model. [via MacGeneration]

– They will reportedly have larger glass trackpads than previous models. [via BGR]

– The OS will apparently be located on an internal 8-gigabyte or 16-gigabyte solid state hard drive, while all other information will be stored on a standard hard drive.  [via BGR or MacGeneration]

– All models will apparently have HD screens. [via MacGeneration]

– Say hello to the rumored Thunderbolt port, also known as “Light Peak” connector that everyone’s been buzzing about. The high-speed connection is faster than USB 3.0 and can carry 10 gigabits of data per second – in both directions at the same time. In the future, developer Intel hopes to get Light Peak as fast as 100 gigabits per second. [via CNET]

Here’s a rumored picture of the Light Peak port [via Mac 4 Ever]:

The 13-inch models: We’re apparently going to have to say goodbye to the white MacBook. With the recent refresh of the MacBook Air, there’s reportedly no need for more than two 13-inch computers in Apple’s lineup. The 13-inch MacBook Pro will apparently have an Intel Core i5 processor and a third USB port, with a matte screen option on the upgraded 13-inch model. [via MacGeneration]

Here’s a supposed image of the specs on the lower-end 13-inch model: [via MacRumors]

– For the 15- and 17-inch models, there’s apparently an option to replace the optical SuperDrive with a solid state drive. [via MacGeneration]
iPad 2 Announcement March 2?

– All signs seem to point to yes on an impending iPad 2 announcement. Here’s the official invite for the March 2 event. Notice the focus on the number 2. [via WSJ]

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– The iPad 2 is supposed to be thinner than the original iPad and have an improved display. It will have a front-facing camera and will support Facetime video chat. [via All Things Digital]

– It can reportedly run on GSM and CDMA networks thanks to Qualcomm’s multimode chips. [via All Things Digital]

– It would seem Bloomberg was wrong when it said the iPad 2 was delayed until June because of “production bottlenecks.” However, we think it’s still important to point out. Remember when everyone thought Apple was announcing cloud-based iTunes and it was just the Beatles? [via Businessweek]

iPhone 5 pushed back to September?

– Although we typically see a new iPhone every June or July, some rumors indicate that we may have to wait. Suppliers and vendors apparently still haven’t received firm orders for parts, and it would also give Apple time to work on the rumored instant communications features on the phone. [via Business Insider]

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– Of course, there are also the iPhone Nano rumors. Apple may be developing a smaller iPhone that would be either two-thirds or half the size of the regular iPhone, depending whom you ask. It may even feature direct-to-phone cloud streaming services instead of built-in storage! [via Bloomberg and WSJ] But wait; it could just be cheaper, not smaller. [via NY Times]

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A Sleeping Lion Roars (And Other Software News)?

– Apple has already revealed that they are working on OS X Lion (OS X 10.7) and said it would launch Summer 2011. Reports have surfaced indicating that Apple is already using the new operating system internally. The new system will supposedly have a  revamped user interface, and the developer beta for the operating system is supposedly coming really soon. Meanwhile, Apple is reportedly still working on an OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.7 update, completely separate from Lion. [via TechCrunch]

– There might also be a new Final Cut Pro in the works as well. Supposedly, it is the “biggest overhaul to Final Cut Pro since the original version was created over 10 years ago,” according to one insider, and changes will be more for the editing junkies than the average user. One source said everything will be changed from the user interface to adding the 64-bit version that users have wanted. The release date seems to be tentatively around Spring 2011 to coincide with the National Association of Broadcasters. [via TechCrunch]

And Some Other New Additions You May Care About…

– If you wanted to buy into iAd, Apple’s mobile advertising platform, now’s your chance. Instead of asking for a minimum of $1 million from advertisers, Apple says you now only need to commit to $500,000. This confirmed news will allow smaller companies to get into the iAd game. “This new minimum buy is a great step forward and a necessary one, I think,”  CEO of WPP Digital Mark Read, told All Things Digital.

– A new extension of Apple’s genius bar called “Joint Venture” might be on its way. The Joint Venture Geniuses would focus on small businesses and pro users, allowing for one-on-one consultations and onsite visits. [via BGR]

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