Apple Tablet To Be Announced In February, Says Analyst

Oppenheimer analyst Yair Reiner is citing “checks” into Apple’s supply chain that indicate production of the purported tablet will begin to ramp up in February with a March or April launch. He goes on to say that Apple will churn out 1 million tablets per month. Despite previous rumors that the tablet would have an OLED screen, …

Ratings Scam Triggers Apple To Scrub ~1% of App Store

Following a brief investigation triggered by the iPhone photography blog iPhoneography, Apple has banished Chinese developer Molinker and its estimated 1000 iPhone apps. The majority of Molinker’s applications were pitiful copycats of existing popular apps, but that’s not what triggered the amateur sleuthing from an Internet friend …

Judge Rules in Favor of Apple in Psystar Case

The ongoing legal battle between Apple and Psystar has swung in Apple’s favor after U.S. District Judge William Alsup’s determined that “Psystar’s use of Mac OS X has been in excess and has violated Apple’s copyrights.” Apple and Psystar will once again enter court on December 14 to remedy the following: (1) breach of …

Apple Store Is Down, Rumors Abound

I hate to pull the trigger early, but the Apple Store is down and we all know how much Apple loves Tuesdays. Normally, I wouldn’t be concerned or think anything of it, but it all started last night when Dan Lyons took a jab at John Gruber.

Can’t tell you what, obviously. But there’s something brewing. Gruber doesn’t know about it, but

X-Rated iPhone Apps?

One interesting thing Apple showed off at the Developers’ Conference today was parental controls. With the 3.0 version of iPhone’s OS, which will be disseminated next week, you’ll be able to set your iPhone so that your kid can’t download age-inappropriate content to it.

While I have always found the concept of parental controls …

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