CES Keynote: Microsoft Shows Off HP Slate [Update]

There have been multiple rumors that Microsoft would be revealing a tablet during Steve Ballmer’s keynote today at CES. Turns out those rumors were true. No, it’s not the Courier or anything that’s meant to compete with Apple’s purported tablet. HP is building the device but it won’t be available anytime soon. Lenovo is also showing …

Project Natal Slated For Holiday 2010 Launch

Robbie Bach has just announced that Project Natal will be available this coming holiday season. An exact date has not been disclosed, though. No word on pricing or configurations. However, MS wants to reiterate the fact that Natal will work with any Xbox 360.

To date, Microsoft has sold more than 39 million Xbox 360 consoles and over …

Thursday Morning Omnipost

I have to run and get on a train, and my new iPhone has chosen this moment to apparently take its own life, maybe because it couldn’t face an eternity of running Wurdle over and over again. I will vent my frustration on you with a hasty and incoherent blog post.

Not that the world isn’t, on its own, fundamentally incoherent. Evidence: …

Bill Gates, the Early Years: Damn, This Thing Works!

I’m going to post a lengthy excerpt here from the conversation I had with Bill Gates earlier this week, because, well, I have so much of it, and it kind of works as this wonderfully absorbing dramatic monologue about where Microsoft came from. This is him essentially telling the story of how he and Paul Allen figured out that writing …

Bill Gates Is Not Running for Prom King

I don’t generally like to work when I’m on vacation. I like to vacation when I’m on vacation. But I got an e-mail last week saying that Bill Gates was thinking about doing some press around his Harvard Commencement address today, and whenever there’s a chance to talk to Gates, I take it. Hence my getting on a plane to Seattle on …

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