Breaking: Verizon and Google To Make Announcement at 1:30PM ET

We’ve just received word from Google PR that Google and Verizon will be holding a joint conference call at 1:30PM ET today. Google CEO Eric Schmidt and Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg will both be on the call.

Check back around 1:25PM ET as both companies will preview the announcement on their respective public policy blogs. Looks like …

Will Google and Verizon’s “Deal” Change the Web? [Updating]

Over the last 10 months Google and Verizon have been working on a deal that could change the way we consume and peruse the Web. The deal would allow companies like Google, a content creator, to pay an ISP like Verizon to deliver its content to users much faster than any other content provider.

According to the NYT, the Federal …

Motorola Droid X Review: New King of Verizon’s Android Lineup

The countless comparisons between feature-rich Android handsets and Apple’s iPhone won’t likely taper off any time in the near future. But believe it or not, aside from being slabs of electronics that make phone calls, access the internet, and feature app stores, there’s really not a whole lot that a phone like the Droid X and the …

Bloomberg’s Sources Say Verizon iPhone In January

According to Bloomberg and its two sources, Verizon will begin offering the iPhone in January when AT&T’s exclusivity contract ends on the Apple device. Does this rumor hold water? It’s anyone’s guess at this point, but recent reports suggest that AT&T’s reign of terror could end in January.

The best part of Bloomberg’s …

First Look: Motorola Droid X

Behold the Motorola Droid X. Announced yesterday and coming to Verizon on July 15th for $200 after a $100 mail-in rebate and two-year contract, Motorola’s latest Android phone takes dead aim at a certain fruit-related smartphone available on AT&T’s network.

I’ve been delicately manhandling the Droid X for the past couple hours, …

How to Stuff a Verizon 3G Connection into an iPad

Take the phone off the hook, send the kids to Grandma’s, and light some aromatherapy candles as you prepare to hunker down for a weekend of iPad modding. If you want to stuff a Verizon 3G connection into your iPad, that is.

Assuming you have the chops to crack open your iPad, remove AT&T’s 3G module, and solder the innards of a …

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