Verizon Customers To Get Skype Mobile Access This Thursday

Skype Mobile will be available on nine Verizon smartphones starting this Thursday. The app will allow users to make free Skype-to-Skype calls and send Sype-to-Skype instant messages over Verizon’s network without using plan minutes or data allowances.

It’s a step in the right direction although if you think you’d be able to use …

We Have Things To Break, Help Us Break Said Things

We currently have two products in the lab that need to be tested – Casio Exilim EX-G1 (a camera) and Casio G’zOne Brigade (a cell phone). Both products are of the rough and tumble variety, so our goal is to break them. How should we do it? Everything will be caught on camera so sky’s the limit.

Hands-on With the Motorola Devour (Verizon Wireless)

Motorola’s second Android device for Verizon has landed at the Techland offices. Say hello to the Devour. It will be available in Verizon stores for $149.99 after a $100MIR in mid-March. However, Best Buy will begin selling the device this Thursday. Price is currently TBD, but I don’t see it being much different, if it all, from the

Motorola Devour: Baby Droid With MotoBlur on Verizon

Remember when Verizon offered the worst phones imaginable? It wasn’t that long ago, but in the last year or so they really turned things around. It’s doubtful that anyone would argue if I said they had the best overall selection of devices.

Add the Motorola Devour to the ever-growing list of badass devices available on Verizon. …

Palm Pre Plus Review: Is Plus Enough?

Palm made a splash at CES in 2009 with the announcement of webOS and I’d say they’ve done a good job maintaining that momentum. A year later, they’ve added Verizon and AT&T to the roster and updated both the Pre and Pixi with – what some might call – minor updates. It’s been a week since the Pre Plus (Pixi Plus, too) went on …

Palm Pixi Plus & Palm Pre Plus: Ask Us Questions

After some shipping issues, Techland has finally received review units of the Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus for Verizon Wireless. Both devices launch on the 25th of this month for $149.99 and $99.99, respectively. After a $100 MIR and 2-year contract, of course. The unlimited data plan for Verizon is $29.99. A unique and exclusive …

Hands-on With The Palm Pre Plus, Pixi Plus For Verizon

Today, Palm announced the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus for Verizon. Both devices will be available starting January 25. What’s new about the Pre Plus is a boost in internal memory from 8GB to 16GB. It’s also sans rubber nubbin on the front. Oh, and it comes Touchstone compatible out of the box. The Pixi Plus comes with built-in Wi-Fi.

All …

AT&T Drops Silly Lawsuit Against Verizon Wireless

Oh goodness. I’m glad that Verizon and AT&T have dropped those silly lawsuits against each other over those ridiculous 3G network ads. I was really losing sleep over them. I have to wonder, though, whether or not AT&T’s Luke Wilson ads were even worth the money. Who cares what he has to say? I’m not sure who handles AT&T’s …

Rumor: iPhone To Make Verizon Debut In June 2010

By now it’s pretty obvious that AT&T’s exclusivity on the iPhone will end in 2010, but it’s relatively unclear if Verizon will actually get the iPhone as rumored. Well, we’re here to tell you that folks close to the inner workings of the deal have told us that the iPhone will, in fact, be coming to Verizon in June of 2010. Things …

Verizon Droid: We Have One

I just got back from a little shindig for Verizon’s Moto Droid and now have the device on hand. I’m not sure if you guys are interested, but if you are then drop a comment and I’ll do my best to get it answered. Here’s a quick rundown on specs:

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