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The Best of CES 2010

FULL LIST: The Best of CES 2010

As you can imagine it’s hard to cover a conference like CES — the Consumer Electronics Show which wraps up Saturday in Las Vegas — on your own. Actually, it’s impossible. This is the stuff that I consider to be the best of the best (anyone remember that movie with Eric Roberts?) or – at the very …

XpanD & VIZIO Introduce First 3D Specs With Bluetooth

First come the fancy 3D TVs, then the fancy 3D eye ware.

From CES: VIZIO unveiled its new line of XVT HD3D TVs: Three sets – a 72-in. for $3,499, a 55-in. for $2,499 and a 47-in. for $1,999 – that will ship in August and couple with Bluetooth-equipped active shutter 3D glasses from XpanD (along with 3D tech company SENSIO). In …

THX Bright Room Comes To LG HDTVs

THX continues to make LG HDTVs relevant with the announcement that a handful of LED, LCD and plasma HDTVs will be privy to THX’s Bright Room viewing mode.

The goal of THX Bright Room Mode is to closely reproduce the HD Color Standard and other video parameters used by filmmakers in dark mastering studios, with careful

“Monsters VS. Aliens” Becomes First 3D Blu-ray

I told you CES would be all about 3D. And it turns out that DreamWork’s “Monsters vs. Aliens” will be the first 3D Blu-ray film out this year. There’s one caveat though. The only way to get the movie is to purchase a Samsung 3D theater experience package and that includes a 3D HDTV (LED, LCD or Plasma), the BD-C6900 Blu-ray …

New Sling Media Products: Placeshifting Just Got Sexier

Sling Media, part of EchoStar Corporation, unveiled these four new TV service products today at CES:

The Sling Monitor 150 (above) is a relatively light, portable flat screen display that wirelessly takes a viewer’s primary HD DVR video content to any place in the home. No need for cables or another DVR.

The Sling Receiver

Iomega Unloads 3 ScreenPlay HD Media Players

What we have here are three HD streaming devices from Iomega that you can hook up to your TV to stream content over a home network. It’s not science of the rockets.

The ScreenPlay Director HD Media Player comes packed with a 1TB drive and full HD (1080p) playback at 24fps. It’s DivX Home Theater certified and supports other …

FLO TV Personal TV: Being a Couch Potato Has Never Been Easier

There’s never been a compelling reason to have a portable TV on your person. Do we really need another way to rot our brains? FLO TV certainly thinks so. The Qualcomm-developed technology began appearing on a handful of mobile phones last year and offers live streaming and previously aired content from a variety of networks. The FLO TV …

Cignias (who?) Launches NAO Music Docking Stations

I’ve never heard of Cignias, but the Toronto-based company will be formally announcing two “advanced wireless music stations” tomorrow morning. I’ll be telling you about them just because I can.

The NAO Symphony and Symphony Noir look like your run of the mill all-in-one iPod docking stations, but these ones allow you to …

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