Game Changers: 5 New ‘Next Big Things’

Imagine if you could pay for parking with a few taps of your phone, and that you’d never have to pay for more time than you used. Imagine if, after you’re done eating a bag of chips or drinking a carton of juice, you could scarf down the perfectly edible packaging, too. Engineers and designers have been imagining these things, and …

Company Tries to Make Airport Movie Rentals Fly

Digiboo might sound like an online dating site for hip-hop enthusiasts, but it’s actually one of the latest players getting into the video market. The Santa Monica, Calif.-based company produces kiosks where people can rent or …

SXSW Watch: A Disruptive Conversation

Moderating panel discussions, I’ve found, tends to be either a challenge or a cakewalk. It’s tough when you’ve got a panelist who’s a blabbermouth, or one that’s shy. The audience is just as important as the people on stage: If …

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