Hive Mind: What We’re Looking Forward To In March

The year’s shortest month is coming to an end and I have to admit that it was chock full of nerdery.

LOST made its triumphant return for its final season. Be sure to join in on the E-mail Chain every week with Allie and me. Breck Eisner’s remake of George A. Romero’s The Crazies is out tomorrow, but Hollywood seems to have …

Percy Jackson, Who? Meet The Best Child Heroes of All Time

Just before Bastian opens the window and screams out “Moonchild!” to save the land of Fantasia, I thought my chest was about to explode.

The NeverEnding Story brought the perfect amount of suspense. It was the kind you feel rumbling all the way through you – even down in your socks. Bastian and Atreyu saved their world. They were …

Toy Fair 2010: We Came, We Saw, We Picked The Best

Allie alluded to our Toy Fair adventures yesterday in the Daily Dose and today we bring you Techland’s Best of Toy Fair 2010. Selections were made for kids ranging in age from 6-90. Some are motorized and interactive while others need to be under lock and key, but mostly, they’re fun and enjoyable for all.

So, without further ado, …

The All-Time Top 10 Ice Planets

OK, in honor of this reasonably impressive blizzard we’re having here on the East coast, I present to you: the top 10 ice planets. All media fair game.

By the way, I nominate “ice planet” — not the movie, the idea — for top 10 things that need both a Wikipedia entry and a TV Tropes entry. (Right now in TV Tropes it falls under

Gallery: Hits and Misses from Apple So Far

We’ve compiled a list of “hits and misses” from Apple so far. We’ll have to wait and see which category Apple’s tablet (or whatever it’s called) falls into. For now, take a look at what we’ve deemed a success — and what we haven’t.

18 Android Apps To Get You Started

The Android Market pales in comparison to Apple’s App Store based on number of apps, but that doesn’t mean the quality of apps available to Android users aren’t up to snuff. We’ve listed 12 18 apps that cover a wide range of interests and genres but is not indicative of the Android Market as a whole. Think of this as a starting …

The Best of CES 2010

FULL LIST: The Best of CES 2010

As you can imagine it’s hard to cover a conference like CES — the Consumer Electronics Show which wraps up Saturday in Las Vegas — on your own. Actually, it’s impossible. This is the stuff that I consider to be the best of the best (anyone remember that movie with Eric Roberts?) or – at the very …

The 10 Greatest Games for the Apple II

All the old people in the house say yeah!

The Apple II is the most underrated gaming platform of the 1980’s. People — me included — talk a lot about the greatness of the Atari 2600, but I owe just as much of my gaming DNA to our Apple IIe, with its 64KB RAM — that comes standard, folks — and its revolutionary four-way cursor …

Our 10 Most Anticipated Video Game Sequels of 2010

2009 is over. The decade’s done. And after a slew of games were delayed from this holiday season, now we look ahead to 2010.

But when I was writing this list, I found it hard to narrow it down to just 10 games; there’s a lot of good stuff coming out next year. So I decided to split it the list into two: the tried-and-true franchises …

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