The Best Tailgating Gadgets

Ah, Fall. Tis the season for football and food served in parking lots, among other things.

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Now that tailgating season is officially underway, we’ve gathered all the best gadgets and gizmos you’ll need to make the most of your experience. Some ingenious, some rudimentary – our list will …

Hive Mind: What We’re Looking Forward To in September

School’s out for summer! Oh wait. It’s the opposite of that. Sorry.

We’re only a day and a half into September and the Hive Mind is looking forward to one last long weekend of sun and fun. Star Wars month pretty much rocked our faces off. Hope you enjoyed it as much as we had fun putting it together. September looks like a

Hive Mind: What We’re Looking Forward to in July

The temperatures are rising. The kids are out of school. And that can only mean one thing – summer is finally here! The gang at Techland is revving up for Comic-Con in San Diego later this month (7/22-7/25), which we’ll be covering starting the 21st but before we get to that, here’s what we’re looking forward to the rest of July. …

Top Ten Nerdy Theme Park Attractions

By the time the doors opened, there were already 5,000 fans lined up outside of Universal Studio’s brand new Harry Potter theme park, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, ready to surge through the magical world created by J.K. Rowling in her beloved book series.

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Top Ten Spelling Bee Freakouts

We’ll applaud their achievements while we witness what we really came for: Children who journey closer to a breaking point with each letter they frantically scrawl onto their arms with invisible finger ink.

Hive Mind: What We’re Looking Forward To In June

I don’t know about you folks, but I couldn’t be happier to put May to bed. Summer is literally just around the corner, which means we’ll be retreating into air-conditioned theaters for those so-called blockbusters, among other things. But before we jump into what the Hive Mind is looking forward to in June, let’s take a minute to …

10 Ways LOST Shouldn’t End

As Sunday night’s series finale creeps closer, everyone and their mother, step-cousin and pet parakeet are speculating about the show’s final moments. What is his real name? Who will she end up with? Where on Earth is Vincent?

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We’ve been guessing with the rest, but we’ve also come to …

10 Badass Archers

The Hive Mind has very little faith in Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood, which opens this Friday. There’s something about it that just seems off. Maybe it’s Russell Crowe. Or maybe it’s the fact that this looks exactly like Gladiator. Also, Robin of the Hood sounds wrong and he never once steals from the rich and gives to the poor. This …

Graduation Gifts For Nerds

Feeling like your usual copy-of-The-Graduate-and-$20 gift giving approach is a little tired? Personalize your routine for the geeky grads in your life this year with the perfect gadgets and trinkets for work, play or travel. Who knows, you might even find a few gifts for yourself in the process.

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