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Surprise, Google Plus Adds Games

Now there’s something we didn’t see coming: Google Plus (or Google+, if you want to get technical), Google’s Facebook-Twitter rejoinder, just revealed it’s adding games to its social networking roster, or will be shortly. Bet you didn’t see that coming.

Google seems to think you didn’t. The company’s official blog announcement opens …

Google+ Help Page Tips ‘Games Stream’ Coming

Google has had its hands busy tweaking its new darling, Google+, which is rumored to be opening to the public on July 31st. In preparation for the launch, the company has been culling user feedback (like with the sleek new “send feedback” tab in the lower-right hand corner), as well as assembling step-by-step user guides in the form of …

Why Google+ Shouldn’t Be Chasing Celebrities

Lady Gaga is not on Google+. Nor is Oprah Winfrey, Justin Bieber or many other mega-celebrities, but apparently, Google wants to change that.

CNN reports that Google is drawing up a “celebrity acquisition plan” for its new social network, including a way to verify famous people as the real deal. Google won’t confirm the plans, but CNN

Why Google+ Has Already Disappeared in China

It’s not even out of its infancy, but Google+ has already been blocked in China. It seems just like only yesterday the product was announced; and my Circles aren’t even full yet.

While it’s been rumored that Google won’t officially make the upstart social network open to the public until the beginning of August, users in China …

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