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Resharing Loophole: Is This Google+’s First Privacy Flub?

Has anything gone from “That’s dumb!” to “Ooh, I wish I could get in…” to “Hey! This is cool!” as quickly as Google+ has?

It’s like a hot new nightclub opened in town, and everyone’s waiting to get in—but you’re not really a party person, so you’re at home playing on the internet sorting your contacts into Google+ Circles. You …

Google Plus… Me? Securing a Google+ Invite Isn’t Easy Yet

At 3:54 PM on Tuesday afternoon, I received an e-mail telling me that my friend Hope was “hanging out.” Having no idea what this meant—and being at work and therefore in no position to go “hang out” with her—I ignored both the e-mail and the novel “(Google+)” label next to her name. Surely this was another of those Google …

Impressions: Google+ Is Everything Facebook Should Be

Oooh, things might start getting interesting around here. That’s because for the first time, Google’s thrown down a real social networking contender with Google+. Facebook finally might have gotten its first real rival.

Forget Buzz. Forget Wave. I almost even forgot what Google Wave was called. While my first impressions of …

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