iPhone Geo Data Row Rumbles On

The row about iPhone data logging rumbles on today. One security expert says your iPhone sends your location to Apple “twice a day” – and that you agreed to it (even if you didn’t realize it at the time).

Another says the data file at the center of the row is nothing new, and that Apple never gets its hands on it.

As we reported

Wanna Know UK Nuclear Sub Secrets? Just Ask For The Redacted Version

Military officials in the British Ministry of Defense released a highly sensitive document about nuclear submarine security with key sections redacted simply by changing the background color from white to black.

The document was given an official release following a Freedom of Information request by anti-nuclear campaigners. Under …

Toshiba: This Hard Drive Will Self Destruct (if Stolen)

Greetings, friend. Has the following scenario happened to you?

After years of meticulously collecting multiple gigabytes of lolcat photos and hilarious e-mail forwards, you find that your house—er, garden-level studio apartment—has been broken into. The thieves seemingly take nothing.

And then you try to boot your …

Weakness in Skype Android App Can Expose Your Personal Info

Heads up on a recently revealed vulnerability in the popular Skype app for Android. While the app itself hasn’t been exposing anyone’s personal information, various rogue Android apps could theoretically exploit a weakness in how Skype handles things like your username, phone number, e-mail address, chat logs and more.

Apparently the …

Twitter Boosts Security with Permanent HTTPS Support

First Google did it, then Facebook, and now Twitter’s following suit, adding an option to permanently shore up your account’s defenses courtesy the Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, commonly abbreviated HTTPS.

Normally you type ‘http’ into your URL bar to conjure a website, but if you’ve ever used a service like online banking, you …

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