Reports Say Another Security Attack Is Planned Against Sony

According to a report by CNET, Sony may have to brace itself for another hack this coming weekend. Yes, another one.

An observer of the IRC channel used by hackers says that the third major attack is planned for Sony’s website, as punishment for the way Sony has handled the PlayStation network breach. The company only alerted …

LastPass Users Urged to Change Their Last Password

If you use LastPass, the secure password storage service, listen up: you need to change your master password there as soon as possible. Turns out it wasn’t, unfortunately, the “last” password you’d ever need after all.

The LastPass team noticed something weird happening with their servers yesterday – data was flowing in and out in a …

North Korea Accused of Cyber Terror

It’s a busy tech news day in South Korea. Fresh after the news that Google’s office in Seoul got raided by the authorities comes word that North Korea has launched raids of its own – cyber attacks against its southern enemy.

In an act described by a South Korean prosecutor as “unprecedented cyber terror”, North Korea launched …

Scammers Jump On bin Laden Bandwagon

Top tip, people: when some dude on the internet says he has pix or video of bin Laden being shot, don’t believe him.

Scammers and spammers have jumped on the news, seeing the perfect opportunity to lure the gullible into a trap. Fake links and pics have started popping up all over the web and on social networks.

A lot of internet …

UPDATE! There Will Be No Tweeting at the Royal Wedding

Just to make sure guests aren’t going to be a pain in the royal you know what, Prince William and Kate Middleton will be jamming cellphones in the church when they exchange their vows. Nothing like a Rebecca Black ringtone going off at the moment of “I do.”

The 1,900 people packed inside Westminster Abbey (which will include …

Iran Under Fresh Malware Attack

Iran claims to have discovered a new malicious computer virus attacking its government computers.

Little is known about the code other than its nickname – “Stars” – and the fact that Iran’s cyber sleuths have already found it.

Clearly they are on their guard, after the disastrous effects of last year’s Stuxnet worm, widely thought …

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