Company SecurID Tokens Will Be Replaced

RSA Security, a security data firm which suffered a breach back in March, is now offering to replace all of the security tokens it provides to millions of corporate workers. Is it safe to trust companies when they say our data is secure after a hacking incident yet?

In a letter yesterday, EMC, which encompasses RSA, admitted that …

PSA: No Matter What Your E-mail Says, There Is No iPhone 5

If you get an e-mail with this title…

Finally. The amazing iPhone 5. Now available in black edition.

…don’t bother opening it. In fact, don’t open it even if you’re curious.

An e-mail purporting to be from Apple and showcasing the non-existent iPhone 5 has started making the rounds, and it does little more than try to trick …

Yahoo, Hotmail Also Targets of Gmail-Style Hack Attacks

It looks like Google Gmail wasn’t the only online service pummeled in recent hack attacks: It turns out Yahoo! Mail and Hotmail were, too.

That, and while the targeted attacks—technically dubbed “spear phishing” attempts—were carried out independently, the methods were eerily similar to those employed against Google, says security

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