Windows phone 7

AT&T Announces Three New Windows Phones for the Fall

AT&T will be one of the first carriers out of the gate with phones running the latest version of Microsoft’s mobile operating system—Windows Phone 7.5, also known by the codename “Mango”.

The nation’s second-largest wireless carrier announced that the Samsung Focus S, the HTC Titan, and the Samsung Focus Flash will all be available …

Windows Phone 7 ‘Mango’ Software Released to Manufacturers

It’s a big day for Windows Phone 7. That’s if you haven’t counted it out already, considering iOS and Android are still two of the biggest players in the smartphone game. But that hasn’t stopped Microsoft from green-lighting the latest Windows Phone 7 software release, Mango.

The paperwork’s all been signed off on Windows …

Top 10 Features in Windows Phone’s ‘Mango’ Update

A big update to Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform is coming this autumn, filling in many of the missing pieces that made Microsoft an also-ran in the smartphone wars. But the so-called “Mango” update is more than just a game of catch-up; it also brings a bunch of features that other phones don’t have, or can only add through third-party …

Verizon Gets a Windows Phone; Huge Handset to Follow?

Windows Phone 7 is finally getting some love from the United States’ largest wireless carrier.

HTC’s Trophy, a new Windows Phone, lands on Verizon Wireless on May 26, for $150 with a two-year agreement. If you buy a Trophy before July 15, Microsoft and Verizon will sweeten the deal with your choice of Halo: Reach, Kinect Sports or …

Turn-By-Turn Directions Coming to Windows Phones

The next update of Windows Phone 7 wants you to pay attention. After all, you’re going to be listening to it on how to get to the nearest Target.

The next release, Windows Phone 7.5, otherwise known as “Mango,” plans to add a whole bunch of new features. Let’s face it, Windows Phone 7 is like that poor sibling of the family …

HTC Windows Phone 7 Ad Promises 16-Megapixel Camera

If you listen really closely to this leaked ad for an HTC Windows Phone 7 handset with a 16-megapixel camera, you can hear the sound of compact digital cameras dying a sad, slow death.

HTC’s yet-unnamed Windows Phone 7 would top the Altek Leo’s 14-megapixel camera for the highest pixel count in a smartphone. HTC’s handset will also …

Windows Phone 7 Gets a Spec Boost

The next generation of Windows Phone 7 handsets will have to run a little bit faster, per Microsoft’s orders.

Microsoft has confirmed new minimum specs for Windows Phones. The tech jargon version: Qualcomm’s second-gen MSM8x55 or MSM7x30 Snapdragon processors will replace the MSM8x50 chips found in current handsets, and Adreno 205 …

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