Windows phone 7

New, Notable Apps Available In Windows Phone 7 Marketplace

Apps have been trickling into the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace over the last few weeks but I just noticed a handful of notable apps that were demoed in the weeks leading up to today’s announcement made available in the last 24 hours.


As of 1:54AM ET, eBay (Free), Flixster (Free) …

It’s Official: Microsoft to Launch Windows Phone 7 October 11th

Not that this should come as a huge surprise to anyone, but Microsoft will be holding the “Windows Phone 7 Worldwide Launch Event” in New York City next Monday, the 11th.

The company will be showcasing how Windows Phone 7 integrates with existing Microsoft products and T-Mobile and AT&T will be at the event to show off various Windows …

Windows Phone 7 Ads Show Us How Lame We Really Are

By now we’re used to seeing silly ads from Microsoft but the latest batch promoting Windows Phone 7 (featuring the HTC Mondrian) are spot on. I’m not saying things will change with a Windows Phone 7 device but they’ve managed to address a phenomenon that we can all relate to. Watch and you’ll see what I …

Verizon Will NOT Carry Windows Phone 7 Devices This Year


I don’t know who this hurts more but Verizon Wireless will not be carrying Windows Phone 7 devices at launch or anytime in 2010. Verizon’s Brenda Raney said the carrier “will probably release a phone in 2011” reports Bloomberg.

It’s unclear if Verizon’s heavy investment and dealings with Google were a determining factor …

Windows Phone 7 is Pretty Much Done, Released to Manufacturers

Windows Phone 7 is almost, finally, sort of, pretty much ready to go. And by that, it’s reached the “RTM” milestone. RTM stands for “release to manufacturing,” which basically means that the software is complete enough to send off to the companies who will be making Windows Phone 7 handsets.

Is the Windows Phone team really ready? …

Microsoft Announces First Batch of Windows Phone 7 Xbox Live Titles

At this year’s Gamescom, Microsoft announced the first wave of what they promise is only a small portion of games that will be available for download when Windows Phone 7 devices launch this holiday. Earlier today in Manhattan, we got a chance to sit down with Kevin Unangst, Sr. Director of PC and mobile gaming at the Redmond …

Reboot: Windows Phone 7 Preview

What would it take to make Microsoft relevant in a world filled with iOS 4, Android and webOS? Consider, for a moment, that the aforementioned platforms are the Blue Screen of Death for Microsoft. The last generation Windows Mobile platform was old, busted and rusted. And like any overpaid IT guy will ask you, “Have you tried …

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