Giles Turnbull

Giles is a freelance tech writer in England. He likes tea, cheese and proper beer, ideally in that order.

Articles from Contributor

Your Website: It’s Probably Not Secure Enough

The latest LulzSec hack upon the websites of scandal-struck News International and some of its U.K. newspapers is just another episode in the adventures of what the hackers themselves call “the Lulz Boat,” by which they mean the increasingly bizarre and illegal trip they’re taking through global media and politics.

Lulz, of course, is …

Mozilla ‘BrowserID’: One Password to Rule Them All

If there’s one thing that unites everyone on the internet, it’s frustration with passwords.

No-one likes having to remember them. People have poor memories and just get lazy. It’s so much easier to type mom’s dog’s name than to try and memorize a 16-character string of random letters and numbers. Especially if mom helpfully called her …

Five Cool Websites for New Spotify Users

Spotify is finally here in the U.S.!

I’ve been using the service over here in Europe for quite a while and it’s packed with lots of cool stuff: more music than you can ever reasonably listen to, social network features, and more. But one of my favorite features is the way Spotify links out to the rest of the internet.


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