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Michelle likes zombies, viral videos and cheesy science fiction television and movies - but not in that order. She's an overall pop culture junkie and happiest when overanalyzing minute details of things that don't really matter. She's previously covered arts and entertainment for MSNBC.com, EW.com, the Los Angeles Times and the Hollywood Reporter.

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What Went Viral This Week

March 25, 2011 –

Milton’s Not A Fan

Not all dogs want to go out on a W-A-L-K.

Dating Site Murderer

Don’t worry, the guy himself approves of this meme. [via Reddit]

Captain America Extended Trailer

Sing with me everyone. America! F — oh wait, wrong movie.

What People Want To Know About Various Races (According to

Zynga Poker Hacker Gets Two Years in Jail

A 29-year-old former UK council accounts clerk was just sentenced to two years in prison, plus a 30-week suspended sentence. His crime? Impersonating two employees, Ashley Mitchell repeatedly hacked into Zynga’s database and transferred more than $12 million worth of in-game currency to his own accounts. He then went on the Zynga black …

Yes, Your Cell Phone Reception is Getting Worse

Do you feel like your calls are dropping more frequently or more of your calls are not connecting? Don’t throw your cell phone on the ground in frustration and start cursing the phone’s poorly manufactured antenna. Studies are showing that your reception — not your equipment — may be the problem.

According to consumer ratings firm …

Senators to App Stores: Get Rid of Pro-Drunk Driving Apps!

Four U.S. senators are asking Apple, Google, Research in Motion and BlackBerry App World to stop selling apps that the senators believe encourage drunk driving. Though no apps were named specifically, U.S. Senators Harry Reid (D-Nev.), Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.), Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.) and Tom Udall (D-N.M.) wrote that they were …

Yelp Makes “Hipster” a Category to Describe Ambience

Are you searching for that rare can of Pabst Blue Ribbon? Do you need a restaurant that has a place to chain up your fixie bike? Does your definition of “business attire” include a pair of rolled up skinny jeans and a flannel shirt?

You can now find a restaurant that caters to your eclectic taste. Yelp has added “hipster” as one …

What Went Viral This Week

March 18, 2011 –

Mike Tyson Wants To Help You Quit Angry Birds

At least he didn’t bite his ear.

World’s Largest Rubber Band Ball?

[via 9GAG]

Let’s Do Lunch

Mom leaving the traditional “Have A Great Day!” note with your peanut butter and jelly sandwich is so last year.

Dog Won’t Leave Injured Friend Alone

This is …

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