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Hogwarts Castle: Your First Look

The highly-anticipated Harry Potter theme park experience – courtesy of the Universal Orlando Resort – is nearly ready for the swarms of Wizard-lovers sure to come running.

This is the first image of the actual park, which is still under construction, and gives a glimpse of The Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. The …

Comics on Our Pull List – 1/27/10

What a huge week. I keep this pull list to the top five comics I’m looking forward to but this week picking just five was tough. Cap Reborn number six finally drops and we will find out how Steve defeats the Red Skull in what has come off as a peyote soaked dreamscape fist fight. Kick-Ass and Hit Girl finally go on the offensive in this …

Today’s Apple Tablet Rumor Roundup

In an effort to keep our post count down and not inundate you with rumor after rumor after rumor, I’ve decided to compile a list of rumors surrounding Apple’s upcoming event in one post.

Here’s a “leaked ad” for Apple’s iPad. What do you think? It’s a pretty good fake, IMO.

(More from Techland: Latest Batch of Apple Tablet

New Comics for 1/27/10

Well, I’m already clearing my schedule for Wednesday night. There are so many great comics coming out this week that I’m going to be neck deep in new issues all night. I guess my irrational love for sub-par FBI procedural drama Criminal Minds is just going to have to wait. ‘Reborn’ is wrapping up (finally), we’re getting a new …

Watch As Lil Poison (he’s 11) Wallops Techland In Halo 3

On Wednesday, Lev and I had the esteemed privilege of hosting Lil Poison aka Victor De Leon III in the Techland game room aka the empty office we commandeered without telling anyone else. Believe it or not, Lil Poison is the youngest professional gamer and he’s even in the Guinness Book of World Records. Actually, he’s in the …

Video: Joe Kittinger’s 102,800 ft Descent

I’m on a Red Bull Stratos kick today, so I’m trying to find out everything I can about Joe Kittinger’s record breaking free fall that Felix Baumgartner will attempt to break later this year. Here’s video from Kittinger’s jump.

Here’s the original article about Kittinger’s record that ran in TIME on August 29, 1960:

The Air

Legion Review: Humanity’s Moody, Low-Tech Last Stand

Old. School.

That’s what I found myself thinking, marveling at the retro pulse of Legion, right around the time that some critic behind me sighed – deliberately loud – and mumbled: “What a preposterous premise.” I shot him a dirty look (I’ll make up my own mind, thank you very much), he returned the favor, and there you …

The Techland Show: The Lil’ Poison Edition

Peter and I got beat at Halo 3 by an 11-year-old Wednesday. 10-0, 10-0. So that was good. That was really good.

I played him on Snowbound. Snowbound is where I live, man. Snowbound is my house. I got beat in my house.

So this week Peter and I talk about that experience. And some other experiences, including our pre-Apple Tablet …

Hashtag Porn: Twitter’s Geekiest Moments

Joe Hill — of Heart-Shaped Box fame, and various other fames (including imminent Horns fame) — has started on an epic meme on Twitter, hashtag #mygeekpeak. The theme being, in the words of the founder, “where you cop to your geekiest moment ever. If it isn’t a li’l embarrassing you aren’t trying”

Hill’s opening sally — “at 13, I …

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