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Panel of the Week – 1/20/10

If Ed McGuinness draws it I will buy it. It’s become that simple. Fall of the Hulks takes center stage this week and it’s about time. Rounding out our other panels are vengeful planets, cosmic thugs, life-sized action figures, and ridiculous villains with ridiculous costumes and even stupider names. Here it is, the

Cyber Clean Goop De-Cruddifies Your Keyboard

Look down at your keyboard right now. Like, really closely.

If it’s more than six months old, you’ll probably notice a bunch of crumbs and gunk in between the keys. There are a few tried and true methods for cleaning your keyboard, like putting it in the dishwasher or using a little Q-tip to scrub between each individual key.

The …

Avatar Erotica: Na’vi Sex, a Sticky Situation

As I’ve seen Avatar a second – and yes, third – time, I’ve become more intrigued by some of the story’s side details. Subtle looks here and there, between Jake and Neytiri. The way the animals move against the humans in the epic final battle sequence. The way Tsu’Tey just owns the marines standing on that half-lowered cargo bay …

What Did Bethesda Softworks Just Send Me?

Rarely do I ever feel compelled to write about swag or promos that get sent to the office. The amount of stuff that gets sent sort of makes me sick considering all the wasted materials and gas needed to make it all happen.

But today is a little different, kids. Today (or yesterday or Saturday), Bethesda sent over this rectangular box …

They Might Be Giants Wax Scientific

They Might Be Giants have been making alternative rock music for over 20 years. Perhaps best known for “Birdhouse in Your Soul,” their insanely catchy ode to a nightlight, and their popular cover of “Istanbul (Not Constantinople),” the band has been busy carving out a new niche in the world of children’s music.

Their latest release …

Dark Horse Preview: First 10 Pages From Mesmo Delivery

Mesmo Delivery TPB

Writer: Rafael Grampa
Artist: Rafael Grampa, Marcus Penna

When the Mesmo Delivery truck rolls into town, a heap of trouble is sure to follow.

Eisner Award-winning artist Rafael Grampá (5, Hellblazer) makes his full-length comics debut with the critically acclaimed graphic novel Mesmo Delivery — a kinetic, …

Wow, Superman Is Kind Of An Ass

And we’ve got the covers to prove it.

One night stands? Rescue for hire? Faking his own death? Abandoning children? Click on the link below to see 15 covers of a Clark Kent that is less Superman and more Superdouche.

Click here: [time-flipping-book …

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