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Inside Bob Dylan’s Legendary Stratocaster from the 1965 Newport Folk Festival

Throughout the early sixties, the Newport Folk Festival provided a spotlight for folk royalty like Joan Baez, Johnny Cash, and Howlin’ Wolf, under the assumed context that they’d uphold the festival’s acoustic roots.

So when a young, defiantly-haired Bob Dylan—who had previously established himself as the festival’s darling in ’63 …

Google Doesn’t Know What ‘Do Not Track’ Means

Despite Apple, Mozilla and Microsoft all signing onto Do Not Track, Google remains curiously quiet on plans to add the ability for users to tell advertisers and publishers that they’d rather information on their browsing not be stored. The reason why, according to the man in charge of the company’s legal privacy matters? Because Google

Amazon Launches Trade-In Store for Electronics

If you’re an avid gadgethead, chances are you’ve got a few misfires in your gear bin. A point-and-shoot that you quickly upgraded past, a few extra Xbox 360 controllers that your lonely, single self doesn’t really need or maybe a first-gen Kindle, even?

Well, if you want to put those leftovers to good use, the world’s largest web …

Steve Jobs Is Your God Now – No, Really

Apple is a religion for its devoted fans. Admittedly, they might not actively think of their love for iPads, iPods, iMacs and everything else in those terms, but according to neuroscientists, that doesn’t necessarily matter, because their brains do.

As part of a BBC documentary Secrets of the Superbrands, journalist Alex Riley looked …

Why Doesn’t Amazon Collect Sales Tax? The Constitution, That’s Why

Why doesn’t collect sales tax from the majority of Americans who buy from the company? Because, according to CEO Jeff Bezos, it would be unconstitutional to do so – although the company does support a proposed change in the law that would allow everyone to pay taxes on their purchases through Amazon.

The subject came up in …

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