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Real-Life FPS Helps U.S. Soldiers Dodge Real Bullets

It’s a skill that anyone who’s played a first-person shooter like Halo: Reach or Call of Duty: Black Ops relies on: the ability to know where the bullets heading your way originated. Knowing whether an assailant’s above you, behind you, to your right or left can literally save your life. When you’ve got that vital info, you know where to …

AT&T Cracks Down on Unofficial Tethering

Once upon a time, jailbreaking our iPhones allowed us to be blissfully free from the clutches of Apple and AT&T’s official regulations. We used our data plans the way we wanted to, even if that included sharing it with our laptops and iPads. (All of this is rhetorical, of course. We would never actually do such a thing.)

But now it …

Introducing…The Grandma Phone

It’s hard to imagine a cell phone these days that isn’t equipped with a camera, a web browser and assorted other bells and whistles. But Just5, a “simple features phone,” takes a counter-intuitive approach. It just lets you make calls. That’s it. Nothing else. Nada. Zippo. Think of it as the anti-iPhone.

Or, actually, think of it as …

Yes, Hackers Can Seize Control of Your Car

The Battlestar Galactica had no networked computers for the simple reason that they might allow the Cylons to take control of the ship. You might want to think about that next time you pop in a burned CD into your car’s stereo system.

Computer security researchers at UC San Diego and the University of Washington have successfully

Apple Postpones Japanese Launch of iPad 2

As Japan struggles to cope with the ongoing tragedies engendered by earthquakes, tsunamis and faltering nuclear power plants, Apple has announced that it will postpone the launch of the iPad 2 in the tech-savvy country.

The tablet, which launched on Friday in the U.S., was scheduled to debut in Japan on March 25. But Apple spokeswoman …

Hidden Message Found In Samsung Tablet

If you’ve never heard of “silicon art” before, prepare to be amazed.

In short, it is the practise of carving microscopic works of art on to the tiny circuit boards that sit inside the gadgets we use every day.

The people who design those boards have to work with the teeny and the tiny every day. And just like anyone else, they want

How Much Should the iPad 2 Really Cost?

With the hefty minimum price tag of $629 (including 3G), the iPad 2 isn’t exactly a recession buster. But aside from the cost of software development, how much is an iPad 2 really worth?

According to All Things Digital, who got an exclusive look at the breakdown from market research firm IHS iSuppli, the total cost of all the hardware …

Taiwan Airport Opens World’s First In-Transit E-Library

Nobody likes layovers, especially long and boring ones. But if you happen to have a stopover at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, you at least can rent an e-book to keep you company.

The library, which opened last week, features about 30 iPads and other devices that each offer 400 titles, as well as 2,000 physical Chinese and …

Study: The iPad is the Biggest Problem with iPad Magazines

The future of magazines may be digital – but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a good thing for magazines. A new study suggests that iPad magazines have one major drawback when compared to their print editions: The iPad itself.

A study carried out by Bonnier, publisher of Popular Science, Parenting and other special interest …

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