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XWave iPhone Headset Promises to Read Your Mind

The $100 XWave headset plugs into the headphone jack of any iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and claims to measure your Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma and Theta brainwaves. I have no way of proving or disproving these claims, though I can tell you that it certainly does something while you use it.

The headset features a metal sensor that touches

App of the Week: Find My iPhone

Apple’s big software update from yesterday brought along with it improved remote location features for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad users.

The free Find My iPhone app locates any of your connected Apple products running the latest iOS 4.2 software and displays them on a map. You add a MobileMe account to your device (sign in with …

Amazon Rolls Out eBook Gifting

In an effort to compete with the awkwardness of gift cards and donations to charity made in your name, Amazon has just announced that it’s “the first major bookstore to offer eBook gifting.”

Kindle books will now feature “Give as a Gift” links and will be e-mailed to recipients, who can then read the books on any device that …

Hulu Plus Drops to $8 Per Month

Hulu Plus is now widely available to the general public for $8 per month, down from the beta-phase pricing of $10 per month. The online video service is jointly owned by ABC, NBC, and Fox, and features full episodes from many of the shows currently airing on the networks as well as access to a back catalog of shows from previous …

App of the Week: Xfinity TV

Recently released for iPad and iPhone, Comcast’s free Xfinity TV app allows you to browse TV listings and schedule remote recordings directly from your device. The real kicker is the ability to use your iPhone or iPad to change the channels on your cable box, though.

Setup entails entering your account credentials in …

Will Apple Announce Web Based iTunes Tomorrow?

We will never forget whatever Apple’s announcing tomorrow, according to the teaser text on the company’s website. “Ah, November 16th. The day Apple launched iTunes for the web,” we might say in the year 2056. That’s not to say that Apple’s launching iTunes for the web, but a web-based version of iTunes would certainly be a relatively big …

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