Interview: Warren Spector x Disney Epic Mickey

Last week we sat down with Warren Spector and spoke to him about his upcoming project: Disney Epic Mickey. The artwork looks amazing despite the Wii’s lackluster graphics capabilities. This is a Mickey that we’ve never seen before. It’s a radical change for Disney from what Spector told us. We also learned that Warren is a huge …

Verizon Droid: We Have One

I just got back from a little shindig for Verizon’s Moto Droid and now have the device on hand. I’m not sure if you guys are interested, but if you are then drop a comment and I’ll do my best to get it answered. Here’s a quick rundown on specs:

DJ Hero Review

Is this the hero we’ve been waiting for?

Anyone that knows me will tell you that I can no longer stomach the once groundbreaking franchise that is Guitar Hero. After World Tour, I became disenchanted with the whole idea that these types of games were fun to play. Maybe I just couldn’t find enough people to play with me; I don’t …

New Bioshock 2 Trailer

It’s above.

Everything’s bigger, faster, louder — in other words very sequel-y. But it’s still about moral choices, people. You’re not actually supposed to enjoy incinerating splicers with your awesome plasmids!

The Top 10 Games of 2009

The other day Peter and I were floating around on our hoversofas being fed grapes by our sexy robot servants when the question of the year’s top 10 games came up.

It seems ridiculously early in the year, but for various reasons having to do with the exciting field of magazine production, we have to start thinking about it.

So here …

The Nook: Maybe Not a Huge Disaster for Amazon

Now we have nooks and vooks, I’m going to go trademark wook and pook just in case.

This thing does look pretty cool. (And by the way, who built it? Can’t be internally developed.) I wonder whether Bezos is jumping up and down on his fedora right now. Or I mean, he is, but how hard? For the obligatory contrarian viewpoint, read …

Apple Store Is Down, Rumors Abound

I hate to pull the trigger early, but the Apple Store is down and we all know how much Apple loves Tuesdays. Normally, I wouldn’t be concerned or think anything of it, but it all started last night when Dan Lyons took a jab at John Gruber.

Can’t tell you what, obviously. But there’s something brewing. Gruber doesn’t know about it, but

Sandeep Parikh (You Know, the Guy Who Does Legend of Neil, With Which I’m Obsessed): The Nerd World Interview

So yeah, I’m obsessed with Legend of Neil, which is an online comedy about a guy who accidentally gets projected into Legend of Zelda on the NES. He runs around fighting and doing the levels, but he’s very disaffected and just not that into collecting pieces of the Triforce or whatever. They’re really clever about sending up the manifold …

Rumor: Rorschach To Play Sinestro In Upcoming Green Lantern Flick

It’s one thing to cast Ryan Reynolds for the upcoming Green Lantern movie but the possibility of bringing Jackie Earle Haley to lead the charge against the emerald green do-gooders leaves us rather giddy. At the moment, Haley is only intrigued by the idea but hasn’t officially signed on to be Hal Jordan’s former mentor and current …

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