I Land in the Stream

Cool iPhone app of the day: Simplify Music 2.0. Download it to your iPhone ($2.99—worth it!) and then go to Simplify Media‘s website, register and download the software for Mac, PC or Linux. Now you can stream all your tunes to your iPhone, wherever you are. Doesn’t matter if you’re on Wifi, 3G or pokey old Edge: it works.

I just …

Summer Movie Box Office Fantasy Draft

Annoyed by March Madness? Baffled by Fantasy Football? Hate sports of all kinds? Then here’s a fun pastime for you and your ilk: a Summer Movie Box Office Fantasy Draft! But hurry – you don’t have much time!

The game is about using your Box Office predicting skills to select which summer movies will earn the most money. Then, …

Cyberwar: What Is It Good For?

For years one of the fundamental questions facing any tech reporter was about cyberwarfare. Did it in fact exist? Was anybody actually cyberwarfighting? Other than disaffected Chinese teenagers? Or did we just sort of want them to, because it would be cool?

I guess now they are.

When American forces in Iraq wanted to lure members of

I Saw Moon on Friday

I was excited to see Moon. Moody, cerebral thriller set on hyper-realistic one-man lunar base. Starring Sam Rockwell, apparently all by himself. It’s Cast Away meets Solaris! Except maybe good!

My excitement was slightly tempered when I found out that the director, Duncan Jones, is David Bowie’s son, because presumably if you’re David …

Five Things That Are Wrong with Twitter

Some notes from a newbie Twitterer:

1. It is fun to twitter @ other people, but it’s only fun for you and the person you’re twittering @. To all third parties, it is boring

2. It adds one more link to the chain of things I do to avoid working (checking work e-mail, checking blog comments, checking home e-mail, checking …

THX 1138: Watching the Unwatchable George Lucas Movie

It is the shame of contemporary medicine that people can still get strep throat. I feel like it should have been stamped out already. Like polio. Perhaps my children will live in such a world. I was born too early.

Because I had strep all weekend, and I also had a huge repetitive-labor task to perform, I watched a lot of movies, …

J.G. Ballard, 1930-2009

J.G. Ballard died on Sunday in London, aged 78.

I’m a little surprised when I think about how much J.G. Ballard I’ve actually read. Like most people my first contact with him was through the movie of Empire of the Sun, which starred — trivia moment — a 13-year-old Christian Bale. Eating grubs. It was a truly, truly great …

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