Inside the World’s First Video Game Amusement Park

WTB one ticket to World Joyland.

If you’ve got a hankering to join the world’s biggest nerdfest (no, we’re not talking about Comic-Con), you might have to hop a plane all the way to Changzhou, China to get the ultimate Warcraft and Starcraft fix.

Billed as the world’s first video game-themed amusement park, “World Joyland” is …

China’s iPad 2 Launch Quickly Erupts into a Bloody Mess

Don’t buy an Apple product in China on launch day unless you have some riot gear on you. This past weekend, the iPad 2 launched there and what started off as orderly in the nation’s capital quickly became downright bloody. They are serious about their Apple products.

It all started at Beijing’s flagship store located in …

‘American Idol’ Introduces Facebook Voting

Picking up your landline phone and dialing in to vote for Clay Aiken on American Idol is so 2003, and texting ‘VOTE’ over and over for the sake of David Archuleta is so 2008. The latest way to vote for your favorite Idol? Via Facebook.

Entertainment Weekly reports that ‘American Idol’ has finally decided to take advantage of social …

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Geeks, the Video Edition

You’ve seen the list, now don’t miss the video.

Some say the tech sector has no business trying to cultivate a lovey-dovey crowd; that heart-shaped USB drives and the like are little more than silly pandering to a savvy demographic of gadget lovers that see right through all the marketing hype. To them I say, maybe you’re right. But …

Origins: “Walking Dead” Director Frank Darabont on His Influences

AMC’s The Walking Dead will wrap up its first season this Sunday and in honor of the finale we have a little treat for you.

Best known for directing a pair of critically-acclaimed prison movies based on Stephen King stories — The Green Mile and The Shawshank Redemption — Frank Darabont is the man behind the runaway AMC hit zombie …

Bill Nye, The Science Guy, Goes Environmentally Conscious

Bill Nye educated thousands of kids and made science cool to learn. Though he’s put those days behind him, the television science personality still wants to educate people on how to lower your carbon footprint at home.

“[You need to learn about] a universal awareness of your place in space,” Nye told Techland. “Look at the planet …

Never Before Seen Footage of Eric Stoltz as Marty McFly

2010 marks the 25th anniversary of the release of Back To The Future. A special trilogy pack with never before seen footage will be included and today we have a peak at one of them. In the following clip Robert Zemeckis, Steven Spielberg and Bob Gale talk about replacing Eric Stoltz as Marty McFly after five weeks of shooting. The movies …

The Best Thing About Caprica? Their Technology – No, Not Cylons

When Caprica returns to Syfy tonight, it’ll bring with it a return of all the gadgets and almost-but-not-quite technology that’ve quietly become one of the highpoints of the series’ worldbuilding – The holobands, the e-paper and the one-step-beyond-steampunk broken down “old” technology that mixes and matches technology we’ve already …

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