It’s Official: The iPhone 4 Comes To Verizon In Early February

After years of speculation, Verizon announced it will carry the iPhone during a special press conference in New York City. In early February, the company will offer the the iPhone 4 to its customers. It will run on Verizon’s 3G network, despite the company’s recent extensive marketing campaign for its 4G LTE network.

“If the press …

Facebook Blocks Links Over Spam Concerns

Due to a tidal wave of spam-filled links from’s URL shortener, Facebook has temporarily blocked the links from the site. “As part of our effort to keep Facebook and the people who use our service secure, we closely monitor the content shared on the site for spam and malicious content,” Facebook said of the blockage. …

As Yahoo Crumbles, Delicious Will Be Sold … Or Donated?

Last night, it seemed as if social bookmarking site Delicious was to be shuttered by Yahoo, and the blogs lit up with the usual pomp and circumstance – but it wasn’t true. At least, not exactly. After a steep round of layoffs, Yahoo is looking to drop Delicious, but will cut it loose to stand alone instead, a stay of execution for …

Could Twitter Games Replicate Farmville-Sized Success?

Fledgling social gaming company play140 wants to make your microblogging habit into addictive game play.

No doubt attempting to recreate the success of social gaming giant Zynga, the creator of online juggernaut Farmville, play140 is trying to jumpstart gaming a la tweets. And the company will make its attempt with very little …

Acai Berry Twitter Spam Hijacks Thousands Of Feeds

In a morning swimming in cyber attacks, Twitter is now fending off one of its own. A new acai berry Twitter scheme has compromised thousands of accounts, spamming followers with dangerous links.

Mashable reported that the spam was spreading at a pace of 10,000 tweets per minute early this morning, with tweets linking to an …

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