Is That Your TV Ringing? Skype Comes To Your Flat Screen

Another TV development drops in a week that promises to be chalk full of ’em.

Skype announced that it’s bringing its service to HDTVs in 2010 with the help of partners Panasonic and LG. Skype software will come already embedded into Panasonic’s 2010 VIERA CAST-enabled HDTVs and LG’s new line of LCD and plasma HDTVs with NetCast …

The 3D Soccer Match No One Will See In 3D

ESPN just announced its plan to implement a 3D TV station – not a surprising move as the countdown toward this year’s “3D Polooza” themed CES is upon us.

The station will kick off with an inaugural broadcast of The South Africa-Mexico World Cup match on June 11, but now the big question is: Who will watch? I’m not sure sports …

What We’re Looking Forward To In 2010: Sci-fi TV

Though the 2010 pilot season won’t be here until August, the new year is upon us, and this means we must look to the future of our prime time entertainment. With the cancellation of Joss Whedon’s FOX series Dollhouse, we’re left (once again) to pick up the pieces of our sci-fi/fantasy TV fandom and look elsewhere.

Here’s what …

Apple TV Subscriptions On the Horizon?

After years of neglect it appears we now know what Apple is doing with the Apple TV: subscription TV services. According to the WSJ, Apple is in negotiations with CBS and Disney to stream their respective content over the Internet to the Apple TV. Yes, it appears as though Apple is gunning for cable and satellite TV providers. Tech …

Doctor Who Weekend in America: Mars Edition

It’s Doctor Who weekend in the United States – when us lowly BBC America chaps get to finally catch up with our brethren across the pond.

Saturday night, The Waters of Mars hits the airwaves – the second of David Tennant’s final four episodes as doctor. The set-up: The year is 2059, the doctor finds himself inside the first …

Best of the Decade: Characters

The greatest characters of the 2000’s from movies, TV, books, video games and comics. Basically anything that had fictional people in it was fair game. Or fictional cats. Or artificial intelligences.

[By the way I want to a) acknowledge that io9 already did this, and b) assert that we’d scheduled this before we knew they were doing it …

It’s A Christmas Irony, Charlie Brown

It’s ironic, really, when you think about how A Charlie Brown Christmas has endured as a staple of the holiday season for 44 years. Leaning on a simple – even naive – theme of anti-consumerism, the Christmas special has emerged as one of the most recognizable – and profitable – brand names in holiday entertainment. It’s become, in some …

A Sexy-Looking Caprica, Back in Action Monday

Caprica’s coming back – and a little sooner than you may have expected.

We’ve been checking out some of the new show’s initial artwork, which is honestly pretty damn sexy (the message is clear: eat your fruit kids!), and then we saw that an extended PG cut of this spring’s pilot will be available again on Syfy Rewind come …

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