HP Tablets with Palm Operating System Due ‘Early 2011’

On a company earnings call yesterday, Hewlett Packard’s Todd Bradley made it official that we can expect both Microsoft tablets and webOS (Palm’s mobile operating system) tablets to hit the market.

“You’ll see us with a Microsoft product out in the near future, and a webOS-based product in early 2011,” remarked Bradley when asked …

Acer Taking a Second Stab at Hybrid Android/Win XP Netbook

Back in October of last year, Acer went down a seldom travelled path by serving up a 10-inch netbook (shown above) running both Windows XP and Android. It received lukewarm reviews early on, with most of the criticism stemming from the lack of access to the Android Market and a dedicated Gmail app. It ran Flash, though, and seemed to …

ASUS Tablet Drops Windows Embedded for Android

Back in early June, we got a glimpse of some of the iPad competitors that’ll be hitting shelves later this year. One of the main contenders is Asus, with the company showing off 10- and 12-inch versions of its impending EeePad line due in early 2011.

The company’s 12-inch tablet will reportedly run a full blown version of Windows 7

How to Quickly Tune Up Your PC

There are thousands upon thousands of step-by-step guides that’ll show you how to de-gunk your PC in the event of system slowdowns, crashes, and viruses. This one’s built for speed and can be done on a semi-regular basis if you just want to tidy things up a bit.

You’ll need to download, install, and run these three programs in this …

HP Supposedly Scraps Windows 7 Tablet Project

TechCrunch is reporting that HP has scrubbed its Windows 7 tablet because a) Windows 7 makes for a horrible tablet OS and b) they’re said to be abandoning Intel-based hardware altogether.

It should come as no surprise, really. Now that HP has picked up Palm, it makes perfect sense to switch gears and focus on webOS. I’ve heard …

Toshiba Prepping Windows 7 And Android Tablets

Everybody, please welcome Toshiba to the tablet party. The company is currently developing a few different slate designs and will offer some with Windows 7 and some with Android.

Toshiba America’s Jeff Barney said the devices will launch this year, although a firm timeframe hasn’t been established yet. Aside from a standard 10-inch

Witness the Awesomeness that is Microsoft. No, really!

It makes sense now, right? The above demo by Eric Rudder at TechEd in Dubai is one of many reasons why I’m stoked for Windows Phone 7 devices to be released to the public. The ability to play a game that syncs across all three major Microsoft platforms (Xbox 360, Windows OS, Windows Phone 7) is bonkers.

Not that I use a Windows …

Seesmic Look: Twitter Made Easy

Love it or hate it – Twitter is here to stay. It’s managed to become invaluable for a number of reasons and if you haven’t already jumped on board, well, you’re actually missing out. The speed with which news can be delivered and shared via the social networking site is astounding. Businesses like Dell and Zappos have been …

Bill Gates, the Early Years: Damn, This Thing Works!

I’m going to post a lengthy excerpt here from the conversation I had with Bill Gates earlier this week, because, well, I have so much of it, and it kind of works as this wonderfully absorbing dramatic monologue about where Microsoft came from. This is him essentially telling the story of how he and Paul Allen figured out that writing …

Bill Gates Is Not Running for Prom King

I don’t generally like to work when I’m on vacation. I like to vacation when I’m on vacation. But I got an e-mail last week saying that Bill Gates was thinking about doing some press around his Harvard Commencement address today, and whenever there’s a chance to talk to Gates, I take it. Hence my getting on a plane to Seattle on …

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