Chris Gayomali

Chris writes for TIME's Techland, where he covers the web, iOS apps, disruptive ideas and the occasional gadget. He's prone to type "lol" without actually laughing.

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T-Mobile Wants to Help Ease the Pain of Your Sidekick’s Demise

The iconic Sidekick as we know it is nearing its end, and T-Mobile wants to be there to help you cope.

This past Tuesday, T-Mobile sent a letter out to its customers letting them know that as of May 31, 2011, the Danger data service used by the ubiquitous slide phone will be shut down for good, and users will need to move their data …

The Trojans Are Coming… for Apple

In order to lure away wide-eyed PC users, one of Apple’s more popular breadcrumbs has been Mac OS X’s ability to resist pesky malware, or so Justin Long’s boyish gaze would have you believe. But as aluminum-clad unibodies become more common than not, how will Apple respond when the viruses inevitably come?

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