Chris Gayomali

Chris writes for TIME's Techland, where he covers the web, iOS apps, disruptive ideas and the occasional gadget. He's prone to type "lol" without actually laughing.

Articles from Contributor

A New Use For Bacteria? Encrypt it With Data

Think your USB drive is small? Well here’s some news. A team of students at Hong Kong’s Chinese University may have discovered a way to encrypt large chunks of computer data into a strain of microscopic E. coli bacteria, with one gram capable of holding as much information as 450 individual 2TB hard drives. That’s shelves upon shelves of …

Can a New Supercomputer Beat Jeopardy!’s Best?

Beating a human at chess – a game largely dependent on probability and more algorithmic forms of strategy – is one thing, but can a new supercomputer developed by IBM win at a game that requires deeper levels of critical thinking? In particular, can a specialized machine beat the human mind at …

Are Paperless Offices the Future?

If you’re anything like me, your wastebasket is overflowing with paperwads that probably didn’t need to be printed out to begin with. Well, we have some good news, green-challenged techies. The World Wildlife Fund unveiled a new type of document format that lets users cut down their waste and easily help out the environment. How? By not …

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