Chris Gayomali

Chris writes for TIME's Techland, where he covers the web, iOS apps, disruptive ideas and the occasional gadget. He's prone to type "lol" without actually laughing.

Articles from Contributor

We Can Now Talk to Computers with Our Minds

Using techniques usually reserved for identifying epilepsy in patients, a team of scientists at Washington University were able to successfully have subjects move computer cursors using nothing but their thoughts.

To make it work, the scientists first utilized a temporary surgical implant attached to regions of the brain that pertain …

YouTube Adds More Search Functionality, Makes Wasting Time Easier

Earlier today, YouTube reshuffled some of their search functionality while adding a new layer to help users discover videos.

The new feature, dubbed “Filter & Explore,” builds upon the old “Search Options” mechanism by leveraging similar topics to help users find something cool to watch– even if they weren’t necessarily looking for …

Take a Look at Twitter’s Handsome New Home Page

Let’s face it: Your Twitter friends? Kind of boring. It’s not their fault. It’s just that everyone else you’ve discovered through Twitter has been — how to put this gently? — way more awesome.

That probably explains the strategic shift behind Twitter’s new homepage, starting to pop up for users across the Web. Twitter’s new …

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