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GeoDefense: TNG

I know Lev is a Wurdle man, and I respect that about him. I do.  But it must be asked: Has there ever been a better game than GeoDefense Swarm? No, there has not. As someone observed somewhere, “it is the thinking man’s tower defense game.”

The Nerd World Halo: ODST Review

Everybody knows that when I fill out census forms, under ethnicity I put ‘Halo fanboy.’ So yeah, I liked Halo: ODST. (For the spelling I would also accept OSDT, OTSD, and the M-for-mature title OSTD. Cue laugh track. Followed by Wilhelm scream.)

But why, Lev? Why did you like it? Draw close, my children.

Things I’m Trying Not to Do: Wurdle

Actually the main thing I’m trying not to do is play Halo: ODST. But I think there’s still an embargo on ODST reviews. So that’s out. So the other thing I’m trying not to do is play Wurdle.

I’m Back and I Want to Talk About Enigmo

Hey Lev Grossman, you’re a big rock star. You spend weeks on the road, cruising from juke joints to road houses to small independent bookstores, reading your work to literally dozens of listless, distracted fans. The pressure must be intense, man. How do you keep your head together?

I’ll tell you: Enigmo.

Enigmo is an iPhone game …

Parry Gripp, “The Girl at the Video Game Store”

I tweeted about this song before, but some works of art are of such immortal beauty and perfection that tweeting is not enough. They must be blogged.

Such a work is “The Girl at the Video Game Store”:


Hot Mile High Trivia Action

Forget Call of Duty 5: World at War. I’ve discovered an online multiplayer game that’s more thrilling than Halo 3 and GTA: IV put together. Grand Theft Halo 7? No: Delta Coach In-seat Trivia.

I discovered this massively immersive game on a flight from Los Angeles to Atlanta. You compete live against other flyers on the …

Prototype: First Impressions

I can’t tell whether or not I’m the only one who has been waiting all year for Prototype to come out.

I don’t even know why. I don’t even know that much about it. The story seems to be about this hoody-wearing hipster-looking guy in his 20s named Alex who wakes up in the morgue one day with unbelievable kick-ass powers. He’s …

10 Small Observations About E3

1) E3 is much quieter now than in past years. Also less hot, better ventilation. Doesn’t smell quite as much like finger grease. Still a great place to fart without fear of detection, though.

2) What recession? The game companies’ shrines to their new product are as opulent and massive and shiny as in 2006.

3) The game I …

Thoughts Upon Playing the Wolverine Video Game. I Had Some!

The thing I always noticed about Wolverine in the comics is, he’s running around waving these massive adamantium claws, and he never seemed to cut people all that much. I mean seriously, I can’t peel a potato without removing the tip of my thumb (true story, thank God for my mutant healing factor). You’d expect panels with him in it to …

It’s an Embedded Video Friday: Moon, Bioshock 2

First up, the first fully fledged Moon trailer:


I kind of … want this. It looks like Total Recall meets Eternal Sunshine. I’m trying not to think about the fact that the director, one Duncan Jones, is apparently David Bowie’s son. If you look on YouTube you can find …

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