Comic-Con: The BSG Legacy, Still Alive and Kicking

We’re still a day removed from the annual Star Wars celebration here at Comic-Con, but already I’m feeling some big love for the other franchises that have been brought back and dusted off at this year’s event.

Just today, revives the Middle Earth euphoria surrounding the will-it-happen-or-not The Hobbit; a panel …

Comic-Con Opening Day: The TRON Buzz Starts Now

You should care about Comic-Con. Yes, you; whoever you are, regardless of what genre turns you on, or what kind of entertainment you consume.

Once upon a time, Comic-Con may have been a fringe event, more centered around comics and caped crusaders. But not any more. As sci-fi television has surged to the top of the ratings – hello …

The Guy Who Hates Comic-Con, Part II: Hope Kills

Just landed in San Diego. Comic-Con opens tonight — you can get into the show floor for a couple of hours for a kind of warm-up look-around deal.

It’s probably the best part of the entire show: a brief moment during which Comic-Con actually looks sort of like the show it should be. The halls are merely crowded, not actually packed …

The Daily Dose

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Here’s what else is going on in nerd news around the web:

Up Front:

Comic Con 2010: San Diego Insiders Share Their Survival Tips (And Ninja Tricks) [LA Times]


I (Almost) Live In The Cloud [NYT]
Droid 2 Launching Aug. 12 With R2-D2 Edition? [Gizmodo]
Apple’s $15.7 Billion In Revenue Is Highest Ever …

Emanata: The Phone is the Panel is the Page

Just about every comics creator I’ve talked to recently has been thinking, at least a little, about how mobile digital technology is going to affect their work. For anyone who’s going to be at Comic-Con International next week, I’m going to be moderating a panel on “Comics After Paper” on Saturday the 24th, with creators Dylan Meconis, …

Recovering from w00tstock

I just got home from performing two w00tstock shows in Chicago and Minneapolis. w00tstock is a sort of nerd variety show that I produce with Paul and Storm, and Adam Savage. We and an ever-changing lineup of invited guests perform geek-related material for people who are just like us, in an environment we hope feels like the This …

Television Shows Flood San Diego Comic-Con

Over the last few years, it’s become increasingly obvious that the San Diego Comic-Con needs a new name, given the amount of non-comic-related guests, panels and material to be found there (Not that I’m complaining; it isn’t every day that you get to walk into Castle Grayskull, unless you’re He-Man). If you need any convincing about …

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