Fear and Loathing at San Diego Comic-Con

I type this from the WIRED Cafe, where they have wifi and free food and also deafening house music.

Spend any time at all at Comic-con and it’s hard not to go all Hunter Thompson. There’s just so many damn people. Nerd culture has gorged and gorged, and then bloated, then collapsed under the weight of its own flesh. The excess flesh …

Comic-Con Is Dead, Long Live Comic-Con

Tonight I went over the top in the first wave at Comic-Con: doors opened 6:00 on the dot.

First impression is of rampant confusion. The show floor is a ravening fleshpit. Who the eff are all these people elbowing me out of the way so they can take a picture of a 6 ft Buzz Lightyear made out of Lego? I don’t identify with them. It’s …

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