Might Facebook Team Up with Spotify for September Launch?

Extra! Extra! Both CNBC and Mashable are reporting that Facebook plans to launch a music service next month. Nothing is for absolutely certain, but it’s been said that Spotify, MOG and Rdio might be partnering with Facebook as part of the new feature. Mark Zuckerberg is probably jamming out to this tune if it’s true. Wonder what Facebook …

Ask Techland: How Do I Get a Spotify Invite?

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Question: So, this Spotify thing... How do I land myself an invite?

Answer: Music in the cloud — it’s a lovely thing.

The newest and shiniest of the services is Euro-darling Spotify, which on Thursday made its debut on …

Five Cool Websites for New Spotify Users

Spotify is finally here in the U.S.!

I’ve been using the service over here in Europe for quite a while and it’s packed with lots of cool stuff: more music than you can ever reasonably listen to, social network features, and more. But one of my favorite features is the way Spotify links out to the rest of the internet.


Spotify Launches Music Download Service with iPod Sync

Beating iTunes to the punch, eh? Spotify is launching its own download service in Europe. Apple can thank its lucky stars that Spotify is only limited to those across the continental divide.

You’ll be able to batch download songs off a playlist to your device. To add some extra icing to the cake, Spotify’s service will also now let …

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