Spotify to Add Movie Streaming? As Likely As Rocket Science, Says CEO

Spotify hasn’t even launched in the US yet, but rumor has it the European streaming music service may offer far more than just songs to wile away the hours. Recent buzz suggests Spotify plans to roll out a premium streaming movie rental service for customers this fall, and offer subscribers VoD access to features just weeks after …

Spotify Slashes Free Music Listening By Half

Thanks for your “unbelievable support,” reads a post from Spotify founder and CEO Daniel Ek–and oh by the way, we’re slashing what you’re allowed to listen to in a month by half.

Well, that’s not exactly how Ek puts it, who instead writes almost clinically that “total listening time for free users will be limited to 10 …

Malware Ads Affected “Just a Handful” Says Spotify

Malware hidden inside a banner advert infected “just a handful” of Spotify users, the Europe-based music streaming service said today.

The attack was hidden inside a graphic banner advert that appeared on Spotify’s free ad-supported service last week.

Although Spotify is still investigating the affair, spokesman Jim Butcher told …

Google Begins Testing Google Music, Hints at Launch

According to CNET, Google’s finally testing Google Music internally. Does this mean the launch is imminent? Perhaps.

As always, Google employees get first dibs on trying it out, and it’s sounding like it could still be some time before the public has a go. Which begs the question why, after all this time, Google music still hasn’t …

Which Music Service Should You Use? A Quiz

If you have a computer and listen to anything other than your “new message” alert noise on it, you probably take advantage of one of the many online music services. But each one has its own vibe and constituency; which one is most appropriate for you? Take our quiz and see!

Whose taste in music do you trust the most?

A. I used to …

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