Why Isn’t Coldplay’s New Album on Spotify?

Spotify users who are also fans of Coldplay may have found themselves wondering something over the last few days, and it’s not “Why does Chris Martin always sound so sad and tired?” Instead, they’re probably asking themselves when “Mylo Xyloto,” the Coldplay album released earlier this week is going to show up on the streaming music …

Spotify Launches ‘Private Listening’ for Your Guilty Pleasures

Sometimes you need to listen to a particular song that’s in your head, just to exorcise it. And sometimes that song is so embarrassing—”I Think We’re Alone Now,” by Tiffany, for example—that you’d really rather it didn’t show up on your Facebook profile for all to see. That’s where Spotify’s new “Private Listening” feature comes …

Will Facebook Music Actually Work?

Facebook’s music integration is finally here, and it’s unlike any sort of music sharing we’ve seen before as part of the Open Graph. Ostensibly you’ll be able to keep track of what your friends are listening to via Facebook’s new real-time Ticker, which Zuck promises will deliver updates in—his actual words—“real-time …

Now Coming to the iPhone: ‘’, the innovative crowdsourcing music service, made a lot of noise when its beta version launched earlier this year. Things grew so quickly that by its third month of operation the web-only service managed an impressive 207,000 unique visitors—not bad for a startup. By June the company was able to raise $7.5 million in …

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