Warner Bros Releases Streaming Movie Rentals Through Facebook

What’s that? You haven’t seen that movie that all of your Facebook friends have “liked”? Well, Warner Bros. has become the first movie studio to offer an immediate fix for such social network faux pas, by launching a test program allowing users to rent and watch movies on Facebook itself.

Facebook users in the US will be able to rent …

Angry Birds Coming to Facebook, Pigs to Get Revenge?

Even though Angry Birds boasts more than 75 million downloads on nearly every mobile platform imaginable (and, with the PlayStation Network version on PS3, at least one home console), you’d figure that Rovio’s battling animals mega-hit would have reached everyone who wanted it. At GDC this weekend, Rovio’s “Mighty Eagle” Peter …

The U.S. Wants to Create a Political Geek Squad in Egypt

Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post by Jerry Brito, a policy wonk and web developer based in Washington, D.C.

After what some are calling a “Facebook revolution” in Egypt, you’d think that the Egyptians would have something to teach us about digital civic activism, and not the other way around. But the State Department has

Facebook Flub: Advertiser Accidentally Charged $8.8 Million

When Facebook advertiser Joshua Niamehr logged in to his ad campaign’s account, he knew he had an outstanding balance. He didn’t think, however, that he’d racked up a bill of $8.8 million.

Niamehr’s account, however, showed this statement:

There is an outstanding balance of $8,804,978.14 USD on your account. Your ads will not be

‘American Idol’ Introduces Facebook Voting

Picking up your landline phone and dialing in to vote for Clay Aiken on American Idol is so 2003, and texting ‘VOTE’ over and over for the sake of David Archuleta is so 2008. The latest way to vote for your favorite Idol? Via Facebook.

Entertainment Weekly reports that ‘American Idol’ has finally decided to take advantage of social …

Is Your Facebook Profile As Socially Acceptable As You Think?

If you’re applying for a job or school, you’re always warned that your Facebook profile can be your demise. You try to block all unwanted people who might be taking a sneak peek into your private life, delete unflattering photos and try to clean up any references to fun times that might not be favorably looked at by a future employer or …

Facebook Adds Civil Unions To Its Relationship Status Options

Today, Facebook relationship statuses made strides for gay rights by including civil union and domestic partnership as relationship status options.
Done with the consultation of national LGBT and human rights organizations, the changes are reflected in the profiles of users in North America, France, the U.K. and Australia – a …

Everloop: The Facebook for Tweens?

Plenty of parents worry about their kids’ online activities and their presence on social networks. Last week, the first lady even weighed in on the topic, saying that her daughters, ages 9 and 12, shouldn’t be on Facebook. But what’s a parent to do with their Internet-savvy tween who wants to stay connected with friends?

A new startup …

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