March Madness: The Super Villain Edition

The idea of having our own March Madness tournament was born from a lame villain bracket that showed up on some news aggregator some months ago. The picks seemed super unoriginal and if I remember correctly the winner of the 8-man tournament was Q from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Nothing against Q but I could name a dozen villains …

Oscars 2010: Ben Stiller’s Na’vi Moment

Funny man Ben Stiller presented last night’s Oscar for Best Makeup with a blue paint job of his own. Though Avatar received very little Oscar love last night, taking home trophies in visual effects, cinematography and art direction only, Stiller at least brought us some Pandora-sized joy with his silly interpretation of the Na’vi. …

Tron Legacy Trailer: The Mr. Blurrycam Edition

I have a habit of never watching trailers for movies that I have high hopes for and Tron Legacy is no different. In case you didn’t go and see Burton’s Alice over the weekend here’s a cam of the trailer that debuted during the IMAX event. Let me know what you think.

*Please don’t suck.*

New Comics for 3/10/10

So Peter Ha mentioned that maybe the new comics list could be ‘punched up’ a little. I thought I was providing a great service by stripping down the comics list to just new issues. No trades, no magazines, no toys, statues, or merchandise. I even strip out the BS alternate covers. This is the list I want to see every week. Just the …

And Here’s the New Iron Man 2 Trailer

The latest Iron Man 2 trailer debuted on Jimmy Kimmel right after the Oscars and here it is. I think this is the first we’ve seen of Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow in action. I won’t spoil the rest but it’s most definitely worth a look.

Witness the Awesomeness that is Microsoft. No, really!

It makes sense now, right? The above demo by Eric Rudder at TechEd in Dubai is one of many reasons why I’m stoked for Windows Phone 7 devices to be released to the public. The ability to play a game that syncs across all three major Microsoft platforms (Xbox 360, Windows OS, Windows Phone 7) is bonkers.

Not that I use a Windows …

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