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Angry Birds Rio Gets 10 Million Downloads in 10 Days

Angry Birds Rio has been downloaded 10 million times in less than two weeks. If you can’t do the relatively simple math, that’s ohhhh, about one million downloads for every day since it’s been out.

Rovio, the developer, didn’t say how many people downloaded the free or paid version of the game. The day that the Amazon app …

Angry Birds Gets Spoofed as a Big Screen Flick

Well, that’s what the Angry Birds movie would probably look like if it’s directed by Michael Bay. Only because, um, the Rooster Teeth video spoof is actually directed by Michael Bay.

Besides, given how I’m bombarded by Angry Birds advertisements even just sitting on the bus, it’s only a matter of time before Rovio cashes in. Then, …

What Went Viral This Week

March 18, 2011 –

Mike Tyson Wants To Help You Quit Angry Birds

At least he didn’t bite his ear.

World’s Largest Rubber Band Ball?

[via 9GAG]

Let’s Do Lunch

Mom leaving the traditional “Have A Great Day!” note with your peanut butter and jelly sandwich is so last year.

Dog Won’t Leave Injured Friend Alone

This is …

Gamers Get Riled Over Angry Birds HD’s Newest Feature, Ads

A little angry when you booted up your Angry Birds? Well, if you have the HD version, you’ll be able to see why if you updated the iPad app last night. In addition to 15 new levels, and a new golden egg, advertisements have snuck their way in. And they’re not the nice kind.

Sometimes its fine if they’re tucked away in a place …

Conan Brings Angry Birds to Life (at IKEA’s Expense)

After his Tonight Show firing, Twitter takeover and whole “Team Coco” experience, you might think that there’d be nothing more Conan O’Brien could do to win the internet over. But then you’d see this.

Yes, it’s Conan and Andy Richter playing a real life version of Angry Birds with some IKEA furniture. There’s an explanation for why …

Angry Birds Coming to Facebook, Pigs to Get Revenge?

Even though Angry Birds boasts more than 75 million downloads on nearly every mobile platform imaginable (and, with the PlayStation Network version on PS3, at least one home console), you’d figure that Rovio’s battling animals mega-hit would have reached everyone who wanted it. At GDC this weekend, Rovio’s “Mighty Eagle” Peter …

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