Matt Peckham

Matt Peckham is TIME's video games critic. He has an M.A. in Creative Writing from Creighton University and lives in Iowa. Drop him a line here.

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Do You Believe in iPad? Apple’s Sappy New Commercial

Does Apple’s iPad 2 “get out of the way” when you type an email, pluck guitar strings, or try to sign your name by tracing your fingertip across its glass surface? Apple hopes you think so, because that’s what a montage of app shots, a soothing voiceover, and some plaintive plucked piano chords seem to be selling.

Apple’s new iPad 2 …

Sun Partly Disappears in Scary Photo, No Joke

I know it’s April Fools, and that claiming half the sun just disappeared sounds a little ridiculous, but we’re not kidding: Half the sun just disappeared. Really!

It happened Tuesday, during a partial eclipse (caused by us–you know, the Earth) and a NASA satellite in high orbit managed to snap it in action. That’s the shot up top, …

Six Stunning New Skyrim Screenshots

Slow day for game news? Skyrim to the rescue! Bethesda just deployed six new screen grabs (hint: they’re pretty grand) from their upcoming roleplaying saga. Why not have a look?

We’ve got the one where you’re stuck in a cave, the one where you’re gawking at cloud-draped mountains, another where you’re two-stepping with knives, and of …

Want to See What Mercury Looks Like?

It’s pockmarked, looks a bit like a color-leeched bowling ball, and if you didn’t know better, you might call it “the Moon.”

But it’s only Mercury, first rock from the sun, and what you’re staring at (up top) happens to be one of the first in-orbit images of its heavily-cratered, hard-pack surface.

Thank NASA’s Messenger, a space …

Microsoft Calls Google Antitrust, Google ‘Not Surprised’

Stop restricting YouTube, disrupting Windows Phones, blocking search boxes, and a bunch of other stuff–just a few of the complaints Microsoft’s leveling at web-search giant Google in an antitrust filing the company plans to put before European Union regulators.

Google’s response? “We’re not surprised that Microsoft has done this, …

Google Taps Kansas City for Crazy-Speed Internet

Tornados, Amelia Earheart, Toto, and now some of the fastest broadband speeds in the Midwest–Google just picked Kansas to be the site of a brand new “ultra high-speed” fiber network.

That’s Kansas City, Kansas, to be specific–not Kansas City, Missouri, the city’s more populous municipal twin just across the border.

Google said it …

Google, FTC Bury the Axe Over Google Buzz

Google and the Federal Trade Commission just agreed to make nice over allegations the company’s online conversation-starter Google Buzz violated privacy rights and tricked users into trying the service.

Not that Google’s off the hook. The proposed settlement would task Google with putting into place a “comprehensive privacy program,” …

Nintendo 3DS Breaks Sales Record, Wii 2 Won’t Do 3D?

You really, really love the Nintendo 3DS, apparently enough to make it Nintendo’s fastest selling handheld ever. Not the fastest selling games console ever, mind you, but still pretty impressive for a company with nearly a dozen mobile gaming flavors on the books since the chubby gray-on-green-screen Game Boy debuted back in …

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